Perfect Light Camera & Supply was opened in 2008 by Christopher Balmer and has quickly become the Nation's leader in photography education with over 12,000 classroom students from across the United States.  Christopher created Photo Adventure Workshops  in 2016 and hosts wildlife and nature photographers of all skill levels on small group photography tours worldwide.   


After shooting in Yellowstone National Park most of his life, Christopher fullfilled his dream of epening The Yellowstone Camera Store in 2019.


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2019 Perfect Light Camera & Supply | Photo Adventure Workshops | The Yellowstone Camera Store 


The Third Annual Yellowstone Photography Symposium wrapped up at the beginning of May 2019 with one of the most inspiring speakers we have encountered on this journey.  Canon’s Explorer of Light, Chas Glatzer left everyone in attendance with a reignited passion for photographing life and capturing moments worth saving.  As one of the world’s leading professional photographers, Chas is known for inspiring and educating photographers at every age and skill level to pursue a passion for creative photography.  We are incredibly excited to announce that Chas will be returning next year to the 4th Annual Yellowstone Photography Symposium scheduled for May 11-16, 2020.

This past symposium drew in an array of instructors focused on teaching nature, wildlife, and landscape photography in one of the greatest natural playgrounds.  Our geologist friend, Dr. Duncan Foley – found once again how to accent the parks liveliness through his whimsical teaching style. BYU-I professor, Caryn Esplin, brought her hands-on approach to instruction and helped to cement theory with practical application of shooting. The talented and ever creative Steven Hatch brought both inspiration and solid technique to creative image development.  This year also included Doug Owens and Ed Cannady – seasoned park rangers providing a perspective on photography and protecting our wildlands.  Marc Morris of Tamron once again brought with him both his incredible knowledge of lens technology and rock star savvy to inspire and educate Throughout the symposium, Christopher Balmer, owner of Photo Adventure Workshops, Perfect Light Camera and now, the newly opened Yellowstone Camera Store provided teaching and education on everything from understanding the intricacies of exposure to capturing the best possible images in camera.

Inspiring education, an exceptional caliber of instructors, and patrons filled with excitement to learn and grow, both as photographers and artists, permeate this weeklong event known as the Annual Yellowstone Photography Symposium.  We invite you to join us May 11-16, 2020 for next year’s Symposium in West Yellowstone, Montana.

In the meantime, here is what a few poeple had to say about the event this year:

"This was such a wonderful experience. It was great to review and build on my pervious classes. I was blown away by the difference in the photos I took on the first day of the symposium compared to the ones on the last. Thank you all again for the wonderful teaching. It isn’t too often that you find such high caliber photographers willing to share their knowledge. Christopher Balmer, Caryn Esplin, Charles Glatzer, Kevin Odette, Harold KleinKatie BalmerGlenn Kulm. The vendors were also so helpful and willing to bend over backwards to help and let us borrow their equipment Tamron, Nikon, MacKenna Pro, MePhoto, Canon, and others."

"What a great week! An opportunity to learn from many great photographers and industry experts. Everything from landscape photography to how to capture birds in flight to light painting and wildlife photography, and tons of classes in between. Plus, you get hands on experience by shooting in Yellowstone National Park. It is educational, entertaining, and all the instructors are willing and able to answer all questions. A big thank you to Christopher, Katie, Kevin, Steven, Harold and all the other instructors for putting on a great symposium that culminated with an educational and entertaining keynote talk by Charles Glatzer, Canon Explorer of Light. What a great way to end a great week!"

"The total immersion into everything photography for 6 full days, with time to run into Yellowstone to catch some photons of an evening, has moved my shooting abilities to a completely new level. Thanks to all who helped put this together! Outstanding!"